School Update

  School Update  

School Year to Conclude with Distance Learning


As you may have heard, Gov. Evers extended the "stay at home" order. The order also indicates that the school year will end under our current distance learning practice.

In order to continue with our learning, we will have another packet exchange. Our next packet exchange will be on Sunday, April 26 from 3:00-4:30 PM. Like last time, please bring completed papers. Teachers will also be able to return corrected materials.

Parents, if you'd like, you may also collect items from your child's classroom desk as well as other personal belongings that may be at school (gym shoes, etc.)

We hope things continue to go well. I know it has been quite a change not having students directly in the classroom. If you have questions about your child's work, please contact the classroom teacher. With the Lord, we will continue to make it through this.

In service to Christ our risen Savior,
Mr. Hinz and St. John's staff

Grade 3-5 Teacher Call

The last person we called declined our Call. Now, the Church Council has put in a request for a graduate from MLC to fill the position of teacher for grades 3-5. Call Day will be online only, on May 16.

School Status

St. John's Lutheran school continues to operate with at home learning. Teachers have planned lessons and materials for students to complete at home. Here is an update on the response to how our teachers at St. John's have been working through things.

This last month has been a month of unchartered waters for our school, teachers, students, and families. Because of the school mandated orders, we have not been in the classrooms since March 13. Therefore, our teachers have prepared at home learning packets for their students. As you know with the uncertainty, we don’t have a definite end date.
  • Third Quarter report cards were completed and mailed directly to families on March 23.
  • Teachers originally planned materials for March 14-April 3, a three week span. 
  • Our Spring Break was left in place during Holy Week, April 6-13
Currently, teachers have planned and distributed materials through April 24 (2 weeks of lessons)
A packet exchange date was held on April 3 for families to return completed materials and receive a new set of materials through April 24.

Teachers have utilized a variety of tools.

  • Most things distributed were pencil and paper worksheets.
  • Students have been supplied appropriate textbooks from school.
  • Some lessons have been recorded as videos for students to access.
  • Links have been sent out for supplemental videos. 
  • Teachers stand by ready to help via text, phone, email, or video call as needed.

As the first packet of materials is being corrected, teachers continue to adjust. 

  • Teachers are posting items electronically through a learning portal (Class Dojo & Google Classroom)
  • Teachers have the opportunity to help and guide students in other ways and are offering ways to help students in their academic progress.

God’s word is still an important aspect.

  • Daily materials included (Bible story, activity, Catechism, hymn studies, etc.)
  • Daily devotions are posted and shared with school families
    • Morning Devotions by Mr. Hinz
    • Evening Devotions by Pastor Plocher

Thanks be to God for the dedication of our teachers to continue to help students learn. Thank you to the parents for their willingness to support their children and Christian Education. Thank you also to the leaders of the church and school for their continued prayers, support, and encouragement. May the Lord continue to guide us through this!